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Web-Based Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

As part of Challenge's effort to increase our customers' efficiencies, we have implemented pilot VMI programs through which we remotely manage their inventory of packaging components.

Through the use of XML, our customers' ERP requirements forecast becomes input in our Oracle database, allowing us to produce packaging components for them on Just-In-Time basis.

This development, coupled with our digital printing capability, allows our customers to move away from order-to-stock and toward order-to-package procurement models. Furthermore, it improves their time to market while reducing operating costs by lowering inventory levels.

Specialty Packaging Components

From labels integrating RFI data, RSS barcodes containing specific drug instructions to booklet-style extended content labels and two-layer labels, we offer a wide arrange of valuable specialty packaging components.

More Specialty Packaging Components

Security Packaging

From security papers and micro-printing to color shifting inks and RFID tag integration our security feature portfolio is the most complete in pharmaceutical packaging.

Our Security Packaging Services